U.S. Citizenship status is required as this position needs to access export-controlled data and conform to ITAR regulations

Company Overview

Urbineer is composed of experienced, hands-on, multidisciplinary engineers with a strong background in driving complex concepts to completion. The team was formed around a passion for urban mobility, focusing on ground and aerial transportation in dense urban cities. Our agility and expertise have quickly positioned us to work alongside the major pioneers of the industry. We pride ourselves on creating high profile vehicles for the major firms while ideating and developing our own technologies.

As our portfolio grows, we are focused on building a cohesive team of motivated, versatile, and hands-on engineers that enjoy the fast pace ideation and prototyping environment to bring new technologies and platforms to market. Our company is founded and operated by engineers that continuously foster both technical and professional growth in a rewarding team environment.


Urbineer is looking for an Computer Vision Engineer to be in our R&D group and will play a vital role in developing next generation autonomous systems. As a member of our team, you will be involved with a variety of projects: rotorcraft / aerospace vehicles, ground vehicles, personal mobility devices, and even developing computer vision algorithms to enable autonomy in small scale robotics projects. You will be working in a challenging and fast paced work environment on multidisciplinary teams.

To Be Successful

A candidate must demonstrate an aptitude to learn new skills on the job, ability to collaborate effectively with a multidisciplinary team, and be capable of bringing complex computer vision algorithms have extensive experience in bringing system hardware designs from concept to deployment in a robotics context.


  • Research and develop novel computer vision algorithms and machine learning solutions to challenging and dynamic problems.
  • Integration of deep learning techniques such as CNNs with 3D depth sensor data (point clouds, meshes)
  • Design image processing, object recognition and tracking pipelines that can interact with mechatronic systems.
  • Execute design engineering methodology and conduct trade studies.
  • Implementation of machine learning in a variety of environments



  • BS degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field.
  • Industry experience of 4+ years
  • Be able to execute design engineering methodology and conduct trade studies.
  • 2+ years of hands-on experience in a combination of any of the following areas: Image processing, 3D reconstruction, machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence
  • 2+ years of hands-on experience working with stereo reconstruction, pose estimation, motion estimation, 3D point clouds and mesh manipulation.
  • Strong development skills using C++, Python (and the desire to learn new techniques and tools) and experience with JAVA and C#
  • Proficiency with OpenCV and deep learning frameworks like Keras, Tensorflow, and Pytorch.
  • Comfortable deploying neural network trained models on Linux systems and microcontrollers
  • Familiarity with robotic development environments such as ROS


  • MS in Computer Science or related quantitative field.
  • Industry experience of 6+ years
  • 3+ years of experience in the following areas: deep learning, transfer learning, CNN-, RNN frameworks, reinforcement learning, perception systems for robots or autonomous cars 
  • 3+ years of software development experience using languages such as C/C++, C#, Python, Java. GoLang, Scala.
  • Familiarity with console and graphical UI frameworks, such as Qt
  • Experience with using ROS to develop complex sensor fusion algorithms for 3D depth sensors for path planning, navigation, and localization
  • Strong knowledge in CPU/GPU programming (i.e. OpenCL, CUDA)
  • Experience with microcontrollers, microprocessors, SBCs such as AVR/Arduino, ARM, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone.
  • You are comfortable deploying neural network trained models on low-power accelerators such as FPGAs or custom ASICs, SBCs, SoCs.
  • Excellence at writing embedded C/C++ and familiarity with the Linux/Ubuntu Environment
  • Experience in software development for microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, motors, etc.
  • Experience with embedded system programming and design
  • Experience with digital signal processing and wireless systems (WiFI, 802.1x, bluetooth, RFID, NFC)

In Return

  • Be an integral part of a team dedicated to building the next generation of robotics and autonomous systems
  • Opportunities to continuously learn and collaborate with our innovative and knowledgeable technical staff including industry proven engineers in aero-mechanical systems.
  • Being part of an accelerated prototyping and design team where you get to work on endless projects at the forefront of technology and a vision for how these systems will get incorporated into the world