Stuart Marshall, Chief Engineer / CEO

    Stuart has been designing and manufacturing performance ground, unmanned aerial, general aviation, space, and aerospace vehicles and structures in the Southern California area for over 17 years.  He has been engineering lightweight performance composite structures for over 21 years.  Before starting Urbineer, hired by Swift Engineering, Stuart served as Program and Technical Lead for co-design and complete build of the JMR SB>1 Defiant helicopter airframe for the Joint Venture between Sikorsky and Boeing.  This was preceded with a similar role in the development of advanced airframe technologies for Sikorsky’s Combat Tempered Platform Demonstration, CTPD.  He has been part of numerous full vehicle development programs such as: Eclipse Concept Jet ECJ or Eclipse 400, Class I Unmanned Ducted Fan, FN09 Formula Nippon Racing Chassis, and a confidential commercial VTOL demonstrator. Marshall has experience in program management, engineering, and business development, as well as production experience on programs including FN09 (Formula Nippon Racing), Global Hawk / Triton (NGC), BAT (NGC), and Iridium Satellite Dispensers (SpaceX). During his time running manufacturing operations, Swift Engineering received NADCAP accreditation, AS9100C, and Small Business Supplier of the Year for Northrop Grumman (NGC).  Stuart Marshall has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia.  His career started as a designer in the Medical Automation Research Center, MARC, at the University of Virginia Hospital.  Before coming out to California, he worked in the composite structural design and manufacturing for the performance automotive industry.